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5 min readJan 28, 2022

There are more than 8,000 cryptocurrencies in existence as of January 2022, Though many of these cryptos have little to no following or trading volume as most of these tokens are memes with no utility and completely depend on the trend and hype and there is a common misunderstanding that when there’s an increase in the number of people using a utility token, the value of the token will increase as well In fact, a utility token’s investment value correlates to the actual demand for the utility token. As token availability is capped, token value is expected to increase in line with rising demand.

The value of a token can be affected by numerous factors, but the primary driver of market value should be its utility, We’ve factored this into our consideration that use cases drive demand, and demand leads to market valuation, We strive to stand out from the crowd and deliver the best out of us possible in every single product we build

Our vision for Hell hounds is to be the leading cryptocurrency for all alternative culture lifestyle needs from gaming, Entertainment, Travel, and shopping However, our initial direction will be geared towards video games.

Hell Hounds’s first product is a single-player tower-themed blockchain-based game titled Cassian’s Quest a tower defense game inspired by Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem Divine Comedy. It was independently created, funded, and launched by Hell Hounds’s founder. Hell Hounds has more projects and partnerships on the way and its second untitled MMOG PVP P2E is currently in preproduction.

First Game

Hell Hounds first product Cassian’s Quest is a simple and fun tower defense game with a linear story and the goal of the game is to reunite Cassian with his beloved Selina by going down into the 9 circles of hell, constructing various kinds of towers, and killing incoming enemies, the tactical part of the game is to buy and construct as well as upgrade your turrets in different ways.

It is our first foray into gaming and the first of many titles to come. The target platform is WebGL and the technology being used is Unity. The game is free to play and only requires the use of an empty Metamask wallet. There are no gas fees to be paid. It is free to play. The goal of this game is now threefold:

1. It establishes our reputation as a serious contender
2. It allows for mass adoption as the game can be played on laptops, PCs, on any WebGL 2.0 enabled browser.
3. It creates a form of organic marketing where the word of the game is spread and we can achieve brand recognition through the utilization of a working product rather than empty promises of a game yet to come.

Second Game

Cassian’s Quest will be followed up in the 2nd quarter of 2022 with a massively multiplayer [MMOG] PVP P2E Mobile and PC game. This game is currently under development and our main importance will strive towards Gameplay & player experience and cryptocurrency, as well as NFTs, take a backseat just to enhance the overall experience instead of being the centerpiece. There are too many games that push the cryptocurrency ahead of actual gameplay. This means that development will take a bit longer with this game but we expect a larger player base because of the actual fun factor. This game will be a twist on the endless runner genre and players will compete to earn $SOUL, There will be two forms of gameplay: 1. PVE 2. PVP It will also feature two tiers 1. Free and 2. Premium Free to play is fun and engaging and the user can earn some $SOUL as they
play but will be limited in the scope of the game that in can access. Premium players who
have the NFT skins and utilize the in-game currency will be able to skip ads, unlock new maps, and will be able to access more content.

Entertainment is a broad subject encompassing a whole myriad of different genres. Though videogames are considered entertainment, for specification sake this will be utilized for Film and Music. We will be hosting independent alternative culture such as horror, cyberpunk, steampunk films as well as indie bands on our site and will be charging our users to view said films and performances at the Hell Hounds Online Cinema where you can share and watch together with your friends, for a limited time only. Proceeds of which go directly to the filmmakers and musicians with Hell hounds receiving a minimal percentage to offset operational expenses. NET tickets will be batch minted and sold per screening. Each NFT pass will be valid for 24 hours upon purchase.

Hell Hounds seeks to support the currently downed tourism industry by partnering up with all kinds of horror attractions around the world as a frictionless, safe, and secure payment system while simultaneously opening them up to a new set of customers. We envision Souls being used to transacting with our partnered merchants to deliver an unprecedented level of service and speed without the international fees. Hell Hounds will have a dedicated section with verified ratings of customers to share their experiences and to entice more people to visit the attraction. “Real reviews by really scared customers” is a fun and entertaining concept. Our reviewers will also be rewarded in our currency for each verified review, giving a new meaning to play-to-earn.

The pandemic has also changed consumer behavior and has accelerated the growth of the online shopping industry. Especially in countries such as China and Turkey where it was not such a practical choice until 2020?. Hell Hounds seeks not just to partner with horror and counter-culture-related e-commerce businesses as a safe and secure payment method but to create the first horror cryptocurrency/eCommerce collaboration as well. We envision ourselves tying up with smoke shops, clothing stores, voodoo/occult supplies, and many more.

Visit us at: https://hellhounds.io for a more comprehensive overview and make sure to subscribe to our Medium page to stay updated with our progress.

-TheLoneRaynger & Node



Hell Hounds

Hell Hounds is an alternative culture token built on the Binance Smart Chain with multiple use case applications such as Gaming, Entertainment and more.